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We do catering throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Call us at 612-499-8091 for your next event, party, or wedding.


Our approach to catering is simple.


  • All of our artisanal pizzas are cooked on-site, with our wood-fired oven.

  • We will cater indoor and outdoor events and have salads, appetizers, and desserts.

  • We always provide vegetarian options and have gluten-free options available at request.

  • We take pride in being friendly, fun and professional.


Our catering service is specifically tailored to fit your event:


Basic Catering Service


  • Unlimited pizzas for the time of service, five pizza options of your choice(choose from truck menu page).

  • Compostable paper plates and napkins provided

  • Buffet-style service or pizza on demand(90 second cook time)

  • The buffet style pizzas are 12', include a foccoccia choice and are all you can eat.

  • The pizza on demand pizzas are 8' and each person gets one pizza. 

  • It takes one hour of service for the first 50 people, 30 min additional for each 25 people over 50. 


Wedding and Rehearsal Dinner Service


  • Includes a dedicated catering manager to help in planning your special day

  • 4 hours of catering service

  • 1-1.5 hours of onsite prep and set up

  • 2 hours of pizza service, including table busing during the catering window

  • 0.5-1 hour of clean up, includes collection of plates, silverware, rubbish

  • Unlimited pizza with 5 pizza choices

  • Buffet-style service

  • Compostable paper plates and napkins provided.




Our salad is chopped organic mixed greens, seasonal or dried fruit, and caramelized walnuts with feta, served with house balsamic dressing. 




Appetizers are ordered as single platters. If you are purchasing appetizers, we ask that you purchase enough for the total number of people at your party.


  • Organic Veggie Appetizer Platters – Each platter serves 20-30 people

    • Assorted Fresh Organic Vegetables and Hummus

    • Flatbread, Fresh Organic Vegetables, and Hummus


  • House Appetizer Platter - Each platter serves 20-30 people

           Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, Organic Tomato with Olive oil dressing





  • S'mores Calzone.  Marshmallow and chocolate chip middle, Nutella with Graham cracker sprinkles on top.




Additional Charges/Info:


  • Your total cost will include the food cost, any additional options you choose, tax, travel, and tip

  • A 25% down payment is required to reserve your date

  • 15% gratuity for the staff is expected.

  • Tax is 6.875%

  • Mileage charge of $1.50 per mile round trip from 3800 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN.

  • Less than 10 miles away, no charge

  • Our minimum catering price is $500, $800 at peak times such as weekends, weekend evenings, and midsummer months.

  • Events booked more than 3 months in advance on any weekend (Friday night through Sunday night) require a $1000 minimum

  • Please call to discuss more about your specific situation. We can adjust our options to fit your needs.  

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